I started listening to shortwave radio, long distance AM radio, playing with CB etc when I was around 11. I first got my Australian Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) licence in the early 90s as VK5NOT, a Novice Licence, in the late 90s I did the extra exams for a “full call” and upgraded to VK5UJ, an Unrestricted Licence as it was known at the time.

I’ve been mostly off air over the last few years with family commitments,¬†however I keep in touch with whats happening in the world of Ham Radio and maintain a keen interest in APRS, QRP, kit building and more!

More recently I’ve been dabbling in wireless (WiFi) community networks via a local club/social group called Air-Stream, building sites across Adelaide.

I’m also a keen photographer, love all types of electronics, gadgets, radio control gear, servers, systems and networks :-) General nerd it seems!