The kids had been waiting for ages to go to the beach, so on a nice 36 degree day, the second to last day of 2001, we went to Henley Beach for a picnic dinner and splash in the water.

Splish Splash

Splish Splash - Luca and Leah Ready to Have Some Fun.

How High

How High - Luca Jumping Over Waves.


Floating - Leah Practicing Her Swimming.

Looking for shells

Looking for shells - Leah Digging in the Sand for Shells.

Sand castle time

Sand castle time - Lets Dig a Big Hole for a Sand Castle.


Fossicking - Trying to Find More Shells.

Self portrait

Self portrait - Smile :)


Relaxing - Taking It Easy and Having a Rest in the Water.

Catching a wave

Catching a wave - Luca Attempting to Body Surf.

ooling down

Cooling down - Leah Sitting in the Water.

Make a splash

Make a splash - Luca Having Fun With the Incoming Tide.


Together - Holding on to Each Other While Big Waves Come In.


Sailing - A Yacht Cruises Past.


Water - Leah Getting Thoroughly Wet.

Home time

Home time - All Worn Out and Ready for Bed.