The guys at Archive Team have a goal of archiving Internet services that are being closed or shut down, they’ve had varied success over the years and do a good job of highlighting Internet services that are about to vanish along with the data that users have uploaded.

To help out and assist in their efforts to archive, you can run the virtual appliance called Warrior. It uses a bit of CPU and bandwidth and by default starts automatically working on whatever is the current archiving project of the day.

The virtual appliance has a fairly basic interface, allowing you to set a username, a password, how many threads you want to be downloading and if you want to be on automatic mode or contributing to a specific project.

Below is an example of the web interface while my appliance was contributing to the recent efforts to archive Panoramio before Google shut it down. Archive Team - Warrior

And a slightly different view of the appliance web interface. Archive Team - Warrior

Some of the projects also run a leaderboard so you can see how the project is going overall as well as watch how you’re tracking in your contribution compared with others :-) Archive Team - Warrior Leaderboard

No need to wonder what to do with all the spare bandwidth and CPU cycles you have, get archiving!