APRS in South Australia is on the 2M band, 145.175Mhz at 1200 baud. Mobile stations should beacon as WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 or WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2 if in remote country areas.

There is a reasonable digipeater and iGate network covering most of the populated areas of the state, the exception being the south east of the state.


Some of the APRS services in South Australia.

VK5 Digipeaters

CallsignLocationCoverage AreaCoverage Map
VK5RSC-1WillungaAdelaide - South2022 - April
VK5EX-1Myrtle BankAdelaide - Central (WIDE1)2022 - April
VK5BRC-1Mt KitchenerBarossa Valley2022 - April
VK5RWR-5WaikerieRiverland (WIDE1)2022 - April
VK5RLH-1LochielMid North2022 - April
VK5RMN-1The BluffPort Pirie2022 - April
VK5RAE-1Mt ArdenPort Augusta2022 - April
VK5REP-1CoolanieEyre Peninsula2022 - April
VK5RAC-1Pillaworta HillEyre Pensinsula2022 - April
VK5RPL-1Port LincolnLower Eyre Pensinsula2022 - April
VK5JFK-1Mount GambierSouth East2022 - April

VK5 iGates

CallsignLocationCoverage AreaHeard DirectGated
VK5ATN-2BalaklavaMid North2022 - April2022 - April
VK5AH-5Holden HillAdelaide - Suburbs2022 - April2022 - April
VK5EX-1Myrtle BankAdelaide - Suburbs2022 - April2022 - April
VK5KX-1ElizabethAdelaide - Suburbs2022 - April2022 - April
VK5NEX-5WhyallaWhyalla / Port Pirie2022 - April2022 - April
VK5RWR-5WaikerieRiverland2022 - April2022 - April
VK5BRL-10MoorookRiverland2022 - April2022 - April
VK5TRM-5LoxtonRiverland2022 - April2022 - April
VK5PE-10RenmarkRiverland2022 - April2022 - April
VK5LN-1Port LincolnPort Lincoln / Lower Eyre2022 - April2022 - April


Digipeaters or iGates that have been offline for some time.

CallsignLocationCoverage AreaNotes
VK5RLZ-1ElizabethAdelaide - Northern SuburbsDigi. Last seen Jan 2020.
VK5RHO-1Anstey HillAdelaide - NorthDigi. Last seen Nov 2021.
VK5RMB-1Mt BeevorAdelaide Hills - EastDigi. Last seen 2019.
VK5RSB-1SummertownAdelaide - SuburbsDigi in test. Last seen August 2020.
VK5DC-10Mount BarkerMount BarkeriGate. Last seen June 2020.


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